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Simpleton X icon The Simpleton X is a microprocessor emulator and education tool. This free application teaches the basic operation of a microprocessor using a simplified model that is both easy to understand and yet allows for the development of small, useful programs.

Simpleton X Features

  • Full featured emulation of an imaginary microprocessor
  • Easy to use interface allows for experimentation
  • Load and save programs
  • Simulated display for program output
  • Run, stop and single-step programs at the processor instruction level
  • Edit processor registers or memory directly
  • Supports stack- and program counter- relative addressing
  • Instruction set resembles the 6502
Simpleton X emulator window

The emulator window displays the Simpleton X's registers, several views of its memory space, and controls for setting memory and executing programs.

The left memory display panel has an integrated disassembler so you can see what instructions the processor emulator is executing. The center section is displayed from highest to lowest memory location and tracks the stack pointer (which grows downward in memory as data is pushed onto it). The right panel shows the raw memory contents of the Simpleton X.

The load field allows you to enter not only numeric (hexidecimal) values, but text data and even instruction pneumonics with its built-in mini-assembler.

Simpleton X monitor window

The monitor window provides a simple text-only display simulation for interaction with the Simpleton X.

Download the Simpleton X today!

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Disk Image (.dmg) file for Mac OS X

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Stuffit (.sit) file for mac os 9

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Installer file for Windows

System requirements
Macintosh:PowerPC G3 or later; Mac OS 9.1 or later;
built for Mac OS X (10.1 or later).
Windows:Windows 98, NT (4.0 or higher), ME, 2000, 2003 Server, XP.
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