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Router IP Address icon Router IP Address is a small utility for discovering the dynamic IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when you have a router connecting several computers to a single internet connection (cable modem, DSL, or telephone modem).

Router IP Address window

Router IP Address is simplicity itself. Just run the program and it displays the IP address that the rest of the Internet sees when you browse or communicate with various service providers. If you have a direct connection to the Internet this number should match that being used by your operating system but if you are using a router or gateway on your local network it will likely be different.

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Mac OS X download button Disk Image (.dmg) file for Mac OS X (3.8 MB)

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Stuffit (.sit) file for Mac OS 9 (1.0 MB)

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Zip file (.zip) for Windows (1.0 MB)

System requirements
All:Network connection.
Macintosh:PowerPC G3 or later; Mac OS 9.1 or later;
built for Mac OS X (10.1 or later).
Windows:Windows 98, NT (4.0 or higher), ME, 2000, 2003 Server, XP.
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